I’m a book publisher and part time MSc student in north-east London, learning about animal welfare, ethics and law when I’m not signing books. Here in Woodford, the city is just 15¬†minutes away on the tube yet my husband Pete and I get to enjoy rural bliss on the edge of Epping Forest with our King Charles Cavalier JD. Ten years after graduating with a degree in English Literature, I decided it was time I did some writing of my own, so set up this site in 2015. What began as a simple lifestyle blog, reviewing London bars and sharing holiday photos, has slowly morphed into a space for me to post about the issues I really care about: animal ethics and cruelty-free living.

In March this year I took the step from vegetarian to vegan, and begun my MSc in Animal Welfare, Ethics and Law at Winchester in September. It felt natural for my blog to reflect this, and in the last few posts there’s been more of an emphasis on ethical fashion, cruelty-free beauty, vegan food and animal welfare. Expect more of that in the months to come; as my interest in animal advocacy and compassionate living grows, I hope this blog can become a place to reflect on issues like intensive farming and companion animal care, as well as a resource for finding great vegan fashion, beauty products and food. I hope you enjoy it!

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  1. I agree with your sentiments about performing animals in circuses. I’ve always thought there should be stronger legislation in this area and have often wondered how many animals suffer without anyone knowing. I don’t go to circuses because I know I would find it too upsetting. Thank you for posting on this.

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